Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The King and Dr. Nick by George Nichopoulos, MD

The King and Dr. Nick is an excellent peek at the life and death of Elvis Presley. Dr. Nichopoulos recalls his time spent with Elvis, from the day they met all the way until his tragic death. His narration of the sequence of events makes you feel both love and pain, as the truth behind Elvis's death is brought to light. Since his passing, fans have long awaited closure as they wondered what took their King- whether it be drugs, suicide, a conspiracy, or even a hoax. Dr. Nick lays down the facts and shares his first-hand, heartbreaking experiences after the loss of his patient and dear friend.

For many years, the media has stirred: claiming Elvis sightings, or hidden messages, or just claiming that the details surrounding his demise were fabricated. However, "Dr. Nick" recalls first-hand what happened with such detail and sadness that there is no room for doubt.

I have always been an Elvis fan, but this book strengthened that admiration for me. Elvis is revealed on such a personal level that I feel as if I knew him, even though he passed away before my birth. If you are a fan as well, you MUST read this book. And if you aren't a fan, you should read it even more, because this book WILL change your mind.
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