Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hidden Gems of Etsy

Happy Wednesday! Today I'm premiering what will be a regular feature on my blog- the Hidden Gems of Etsy. I could get lost for hours on that site, I absolutely love handmade goodies! So I decided to showcase some of my favorites for you all to enjoy. Usually I'll have a theme but since this is my first edition, I just thought I'd share my current favs. Enjoy!
Rose Bertin - Large Rococo Inspired Flower

The Love Letter - Large Rococo Inspired Flower
These flowers are completely hand made and sewn by RococoFleurs. Currently, in celebration of Valentine's Day, RococoFleurs is releasing a new series of flowers inspired by two classic paintings by Fragonard.

Miniature Rose Crown
Dandelion Field Travel Wipes Case

The headband and travel wipes case above are both from Bebes Decor. Bebes Decor is known for its originality & chic creations; they specialize in custom orders & work one on one with customers to make your ideal creation come to life. I am absolutely in love with the case above, and the headband is so sweet for a little girl for Valentine's Day!

Divababies Zebra Print Binky Pacifier Bib

Love Is In The Air and In Your Hands-Valentine's Heart Print Coffee Cuff-Cozy-Sleeve

I love the binky bib from Divababies and am actually going to get one (a more manly one, though.) for my son who is always dropping his binky is the most unfortunate places. Seriously, he'll have it in his mouth for an hour car ride and the SECOND he's over the asphault he throws it out of his carseat!
I love the coffee sleeve too because it's perfect for VDay, but also eco-friendly! Think about all those trashed coffee sleeves!  Plus it's way cuter than the brown ones you get at Starbucks anyhow.

This Mother necklace by Susan Lori Designs is high on my wishlist! Susan Lori Designs offers customized Sterling Silver jewelry, many of which are hand stamped instead of engraved for a more personal touch.

This onesie is made by Allie Craft . Allie Craft offers a lot of great items, many of which are made using upcycled materials! They have some great specials going on, too- Buy 2 bibs, get one free and $5 onesies!

These cupcake washcloths & cupcake onesies by Babycakes & Decor look good enough to eat! The onesies are customizable and would be an ohsocute baby shower gift!
This Audrey Ribbon and Pearl headband is just one of many culturally-inspired headbands and other accessories made by Embellished. Other headbands include the Serena and Blair (get it?) and the Twiggy.

This crocheted necklace by Lavender Field is completely handmade and is dotted by tiny, exquisite Delica seed beads in matching sea foam green, which are worked into the crochet design. Right now, all items at Lavender Field ship free! No coupon code required.

This Easter Dog dress is just one of the many adorable pet gifts available at Mia's Closet! She has outfits for all the holidays, dog coats and even funny doggie shirts like the "Beware of Owner" tank or the "Can't Control My Licker" tee!

These bookplates by Green With Envy Studios are the perfect way to keep track of your books- or anything else for that matter! They are completely customizable and can be personalized. Everything at Green With Envy Studios is designed, printed, cut and folded by Anitria, the owner.

Susie's Note: Starting today, 2/3 and lasting for the next 2 weeks (2/17), Not Quite Susie readers can be FREE shipping on all orders at Green With Envy Studios! Just enter coupon code: Not Quite Sue into the notes to seller box at checkout and your shipping fee will be refunded!

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