Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Either Her or Me

 It's Either Her or Me
by Ellie Slott Fisher

For a mother who’s accustomed to having been number one in her son’s life, the arrival of a girlfriend, fiancée, or wife can be a complicated, confusing, and emotionally challenging event. Likewise, coexisting harmoniously with the mother of her partner can be an overwhelming challenge for any woman. Sons, often caught in the middle, are sometimes understandably reluctant to take sides.

In It’s Either Her or Me, relationship expert Ellie Slott Fisher examines the complex dynamics of these potentially fraught relationships and how they can be made rich in rewards for all parties. As a wife and the mother of a grown son, Fisher has been on both ends of the spectrum. She recounts her own experiences and those of the mothers, sons, girlfriends, fiancées, wives, and even sisters she interviewed. With the help of psychologist Dr. Beatrice Lazaroff and licensed professional counselor Esther Ganz, Fisher offers practical solutions to help women on both sides cope—and thrive—in this most sensitive of relationships. Discover how to:

• gauge when it’s time to voice an opinion—and when it’s best to bite your tongue
• reach out to the woman in your son’s life without being overbearing
• handle the partner or mother-in-law who’s truly impossible
• show respect to your partner’s mother
• ensure that your partner’s mother respects your boundaries
• deal with jealous sisters and other difficultfamily members
• and much more

Also including welcome advice on what he can discuss with either woman, It’s Either Her or Me is an invaluable resource for women and the men they love.
(Synopsis from Barnes & Noble)

Susie Says:
It's Either Her or Me by Ellie Slott Fisher was a great book... I just wish it had been out around a year ago! I absolutely adore my in-laws and love them like they're my own family- but for a few months after I got pregnant with Shane, things were a little rocky. I especially touched a nerve with my sister-in-law who claimed I was ruining Hubby's life because he was still in college and that even though Shane was a surprise baby- it was somehow my fault. Anyway, it's all water under the bridge now but it made me especially grateful for Chapter Five: Brothers and Sisters. This book has the answer to all in-law problems: from BOTH perspectives. Whether you have issues with your mother in law, sister in law, daughter in law, whatever- not only will Fisher have you laughing but she'll help you to walk a mile in their shoes!

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Susie's Note: Thank you so much to Random House for this opportunity! They provided me with my own copy of the book to review as well as a copy for the giveaway.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Interview with Jennifer Tankersley of ListPlanIt- and a giveaway!

ListPlanIt is a subscription-based service that holds over 400 lists in many categories- home management, business planning, family matters, even a "for fun" category with lists like "American Idol Journal"! No matter what aspect of your life needs to be more organized, ListPlanIt has the solution- in the form of lists you can download and type directly into or print out and file. She even has step-by-step instructions on how to create a Home Management Binder!

When I saw a review of ListPlanIt on another blogger's site (which I would link to if I could remember who had it...) I knew it was a product I needed to tell my readers about. I contacted Jennifer, the ListMama herself, and asked if she'd let me post a link to her service- and before I even woke up the next morning she had given me access to a promotional membership to test it out AND said she'd give one to one of my readers as a giveaway! She's such an amazing woman and I felt that there was a lot that we (or at least, I) could learn from her, so I asked if she'd be willing to be interviewed. She was, and so without further ado:

Susie: What gave you the idea to create this service? 

Jennifer: It was just before bed during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.  I was feeling overwhelmed and behind and was starting to make a mental note of the lists that I wanted to make to help me get back on track.  I thought, wouldn't it be nice if I could just print an organized page and just fill it in?  Then it hit me!  I began to make a list of the lists that I would create for a website.  Before I went to sleep that night, I had a list of almost 500 ideas.  I was so excited!  Less than 5 months later, ListPlanIt launched with just over 200 pages in place. 

Susie: Are you super-organized in real life?  

Jennifer: My husband would laugh at this question.  I love a good list, but I enjoy projects and creating things, not maintenance.  Cleaning house is a drudgery to me.  I would rather do anything but.  However, I don't like my house to get to messy/dirty.  That is what keeps me in check.  I need ListPlanIt's lists and much as anyone else.  They guide me and inspire me.  I fall short of perfection by a mile, however. 

Susie: What are your must-download lists? Are there any that you can't make it through the day without?

Jennifer: I love your questions!  This is a tough one - like asking me which of my children is my favorite.  Here are my absolute favorites, and some that truly depend on what day or season:  Weekly To Do List, Menu Planner, Grocery List (I have one of ListPlanIt's Magnetic Grocery List Notepads hanging on my refrigerator), My 21 Meals, Blog Post Planner, Newsletter Lineup, all of the Financial Planning pages, holiday planning pages, and I love planning for an upcoming vacation.

Susie: Where do you get your ideas for the lists you add?

Jennifer: Most of them come from that list I made the very first night.  Mainly, they are all lists that I have needed or would have like to have had in different situations.  Sometimes, members will offer me a new suggestion.

Susie: Do you accept idea submissions from members? 

Jennifer: Yes.  I've gotten some very good ideas from members.  I recently created 7 pages of lists based on someone's suggestion for a Charitable Donation Tracking List.  I thought that was brilliant!

Where can readers find a sample of the lists they'll get?

Jennifer: ListPlanIt's weekly newsletter is called The L.I.S.T.  Each newsletter has a page that subscribers can print and use and suggestions for getting the most out of it.  You can also get an idea of what you might find as a member by checking out our Trial section.  You will have the chance to view Print pages and Download a sample ePlanner, which allows you to type into the pages and save your information.  ListPlanIt also has a blog which posts about 2 to 3 times per week and is always a new list.

Susie: Alright, you're on the spot: make us a list! What are the top few (I'll replace "few" with the number you come up with) reasons to join List PlanIt?


  1. With hundreds of lists and planning pages available, you are sure to find plenty of help in organizing your family, your home, your business, your next project, holiday, event, meal, and anything else.
  2. The price for 1 full year of access is so low that you will end up saving money in the long run with grocery/shopping lists, price comparison pages, financial planning pages, and lots of other pages.
  3. ListPlanIt's pages are printer and earth-friendly.  They do not contain unnecessary flourishes so that you use only the ink that is necessary to have an organized page.  Print only the pages that you need.  With a Download Membership, you can type into the pages and store them on your computer for future reference.
  4. Never be without the pages that you need.  Simply login to your ListPlanIt account, whether at home or at work or anywhere.
Susie: Are you offering any specials? 

Jennifer: Why, yes!  Get $5 off a Download Membership.  That is 1 full year of access to all that ListPlanIt has to offer for just $25!  (Click here for the discount page!)

Susie: Any words of advice for those of us who are chronically disorganized? 

Jennifer: Lists should be considered goals.  They are what we are trying to achieve.  If we don't reach our goals today, there is always another day.  They are not meant to be used as something to beat ourselves up over.  Build a Home Management Binder and keep it in a convenient location.  Refer to it often.
Jennifer Tankersley, Founder of ListPlanIt

Now here's the fun part- one reader will score their own download membership! That will allow you to get all 400+ lists in a downloadable format, which you can type directly into or print out and fill out by hand! Here's how to enter:

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Monday, March 15, 2010

From {Not Quite} Susie: Happy National Napping Day!

Since 2000, the first Monday after Daylight Saving Time has been a designated holiday- Napping Day. It was created for employees who were overly tired thanks to "Springing Forward" to have an hour-long nap on their lunch breaks, and is also a day used to raise awareness to the corrleation between sleep and health. But mostly, it's a great excuse to put down the dishes and actually take care of yourself!

Protect-A-Bed is ready to celebrate National Napping Day in two huge ways- by hosting a giveaway on Twitter, AND on {Not Quite} Susie!

All day today, Protect-A-Bed will be hosting a Twitter contest where they will be giving away sets of Premium Pillow Protectors to those who share the funniest place they've ever taken a nap. To enter, follow @Protect_A_Bed on Twitter and use the hashtag #nappingday to share your funniest or strangest nap location!

&Now through Friday, I'll be hosting a Protect-A-Bed giveaway of my own: for a Queen-size Premium Matress cover! (retail value: $79.99)

Protect-A-Bed® Premium Mattress Protectors are waterproof, guaranteed to moderate temperature, machine washable, and a great way to prevent any type of mattress from stains, drool and even allergens. In fact, they're effective in preventing bacteria and dust mites from breeding in your pillow and mattress (a major cause of asthma, eczema and rhinitis- all of which I have!).

To enter the giveaway, visit my other blog {Not Quite} Susie here!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

From {Not Quite} Susie: Bravado! Designs nursing bra

Recently, I was lucky enough to receive the Body Silk Seamless Nursing bra from Bravado! Designs to review. First of all, let me just say- it. is. amazing. Seriously, I felt like I was wearing my sleep nursing bra- it was that comfortable. There's no underwire, and the fabric is so smooth and light that I couldn't see the bra through even my still-a-little-snug pre-maternity tanks. It comes with foam pads that are easily removable so that you can choose how to wear it depending on how much coverage you need for the day, which was nice for me since I have been known to leak through my shirt at the grocery store, movie theater and even at a slot machine. (TMI? My bad.) My only complaint was that the sizing chart was a little weird- the sizing is S-XL instead of real sizes. I recommend that should you order from them, you keep in mind that they run a tad small. Just order one size up and you'll love it as much as I did! &Yes, that is Jennifer Garner wearing the same bra that I have! I feel famous by association.

But, one lucky reader won't have to order- because she'll win the nursing bra or tank of her choice! Here's how to enter:

UPDATE 3/17/10: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Tess for winning!

Mandatory Entry: Go to the Bravado! Designs website & leave me a comment telling me which bra or tank you want. (Don't worry, if you win and change your mind about which item, you can just let me know.)

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Not an expectant or nursing mother? These make a great gift, especially because it's so easy to figure out sizing. If someone would have given me a Bravado! bra at my baby shower, I would probably name my next child after them. For real.

Susie's Note: I received a nursing bra of my choice to facilitate this review, but all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

L'Oreal Lash Boosting Serum

I've been super excited to do this giveaway {and I'm self-sponsoring it!} because this is really a great product. I had the opportunity to review it for BzzzAgent & loved the results. It is a serum that you apply alone or under makeup that increases the volume, length and amount of lashes you have. L'Oreal has a "4-week challenge" going on with it right now to promote it, and after taking it, I can definitely see a difference.

GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED! Congrats to Maggie!

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This giveaway will end on Wednesday, March 3 by 11:59 PST. If 100+ entries are received I will add another item to the giveaway!

Susie's Note: Like I said, this giveaway is self-sponsored, meaning all opinions are 100% my own and I was not compensated in any way. I did receive this product from L'Oreal and BzzzAgent for other reasons not related to this giveaway or post in any way. In fact, they have no idea I'm doing this!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Book Review: Revolve "Biblezine"

Let me just begin by saying, I am not a religious person. However, this did not impact my review of the Biblezine at all.

   revolve is a "Biblezine" that is meant to essentially translate the Bible into a version for teenagers, particularly females, to read and understand. It is laced with articles about beauty, celebrities, boys and all the other articles that you would expect to read in "Seventeen". It also has stories from the Bible explained in laymen's terms, rather than the Old English that it was originally written in.

      I thought that the Bible stories were very well broken down. As I said, I am not a religious person, so my previous knowledge of the Bible was very limited. However, I actually found myself getting caught up in the stories as if it was a novel! I could definitely see teenagers reading and understanding the Bible in this version.

      Unfortunately, the Bible text is the only thing that I liked about Revolve. It may be because I'm not their target audience (I'm 21, not 16) but the articles that were meant to disguise it as a magazine were poorly written, and would be more suited toward a preteen than a teenager. The beauty tips were horrid, and I hope that the teens who do read it know better than to put olive oil on their hair before leaving the house. &None of the articles had any relevance to the text.

      I think that if the articles were more accurate and less dumbed-down, Revolve could really be beneficial to a lot of teens. The Bible aspect itself is great, but when you throw in mediocre articles that aren't related at all and don't actually have any good tips, you're kind of taking away from the point. Revolve would be much better off dropping the articles altogether and just keeping all of the Biblical content.

      On another note, because I am incredibly weird and pay attention to these kinds of things- the paper that the Biblezine is printed on is actually quite nice and the colors and layout of the pages are very aesthetically pleasing. Overall though, I wouldn't recommend this for teenagers, but would possibly green-light it for the preteen set.
Susie's Note: As a member of BookSneeze, I received a complimentary copy of Revolve to facilitate my review, but was not otherwise compensated.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hidden Gems of Etsy

Happy Wednesday! Today I'm premiering what will be a regular feature on my blog- the Hidden Gems of Etsy. I could get lost for hours on that site, I absolutely love handmade goodies! So I decided to showcase some of my favorites for you all to enjoy. Usually I'll have a theme but since this is my first edition, I just thought I'd share my current favs. Enjoy!
Rose Bertin - Large Rococo Inspired Flower

The Love Letter - Large Rococo Inspired Flower
These flowers are completely hand made and sewn by RococoFleurs. Currently, in celebration of Valentine's Day, RococoFleurs is releasing a new series of flowers inspired by two classic paintings by Fragonard.

Miniature Rose Crown
Dandelion Field Travel Wipes Case

The headband and travel wipes case above are both from Bebes Decor. Bebes Decor is known for its originality & chic creations; they specialize in custom orders & work one on one with customers to make your ideal creation come to life. I am absolutely in love with the case above, and the headband is so sweet for a little girl for Valentine's Day!

Divababies Zebra Print Binky Pacifier Bib

Love Is In The Air and In Your Hands-Valentine's Heart Print Coffee Cuff-Cozy-Sleeve

I love the binky bib from Divababies and am actually going to get one (a more manly one, though.) for my son who is always dropping his binky is the most unfortunate places. Seriously, he'll have it in his mouth for an hour car ride and the SECOND he's over the asphault he throws it out of his carseat!
I love the coffee sleeve too because it's perfect for VDay, but also eco-friendly! Think about all those trashed coffee sleeves!  Plus it's way cuter than the brown ones you get at Starbucks anyhow.

This Mother necklace by Susan Lori Designs is high on my wishlist! Susan Lori Designs offers customized Sterling Silver jewelry, many of which are hand stamped instead of engraved for a more personal touch.

This onesie is made by Allie Craft . Allie Craft offers a lot of great items, many of which are made using upcycled materials! They have some great specials going on, too- Buy 2 bibs, get one free and $5 onesies!

These cupcake washcloths & cupcake onesies by Babycakes & Decor look good enough to eat! The onesies are customizable and would be an ohsocute baby shower gift!
This Audrey Ribbon and Pearl headband is just one of many culturally-inspired headbands and other accessories made by Embellished. Other headbands include the Serena and Blair (get it?) and the Twiggy.

This crocheted necklace by Lavender Field is completely handmade and is dotted by tiny, exquisite Delica seed beads in matching sea foam green, which are worked into the crochet design. Right now, all items at Lavender Field ship free! No coupon code required.

This Easter Dog dress is just one of the many adorable pet gifts available at Mia's Closet! She has outfits for all the holidays, dog coats and even funny doggie shirts like the "Beware of Owner" tank or the "Can't Control My Licker" tee!

These bookplates by Green With Envy Studios are the perfect way to keep track of your books- or anything else for that matter! They are completely customizable and can be personalized. Everything at Green With Envy Studios is designed, printed, cut and folded by Anitria, the owner.

Susie's Note: Starting today, 2/3 and lasting for the next 2 weeks (2/17), Not Quite Susie readers can be FREE shipping on all orders at Green With Envy Studios! Just enter coupon code: Not Quite Sue into the notes to seller box at checkout and your shipping fee will be refunded!