Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Either Her or Me

 It's Either Her or Me
by Ellie Slott Fisher

For a mother who’s accustomed to having been number one in her son’s life, the arrival of a girlfriend, fiancée, or wife can be a complicated, confusing, and emotionally challenging event. Likewise, coexisting harmoniously with the mother of her partner can be an overwhelming challenge for any woman. Sons, often caught in the middle, are sometimes understandably reluctant to take sides.

In It’s Either Her or Me, relationship expert Ellie Slott Fisher examines the complex dynamics of these potentially fraught relationships and how they can be made rich in rewards for all parties. As a wife and the mother of a grown son, Fisher has been on both ends of the spectrum. She recounts her own experiences and those of the mothers, sons, girlfriends, fiancées, wives, and even sisters she interviewed. With the help of psychologist Dr. Beatrice Lazaroff and licensed professional counselor Esther Ganz, Fisher offers practical solutions to help women on both sides cope—and thrive—in this most sensitive of relationships. Discover how to:

• gauge when it’s time to voice an opinion—and when it’s best to bite your tongue
• reach out to the woman in your son’s life without being overbearing
• handle the partner or mother-in-law who’s truly impossible
• show respect to your partner’s mother
• ensure that your partner’s mother respects your boundaries
• deal with jealous sisters and other difficultfamily members
• and much more

Also including welcome advice on what he can discuss with either woman, It’s Either Her or Me is an invaluable resource for women and the men they love.
(Synopsis from Barnes & Noble)

Susie Says:
It's Either Her or Me by Ellie Slott Fisher was a great book... I just wish it had been out around a year ago! I absolutely adore my in-laws and love them like they're my own family- but for a few months after I got pregnant with Shane, things were a little rocky. I especially touched a nerve with my sister-in-law who claimed I was ruining Hubby's life because he was still in college and that even though Shane was a surprise baby- it was somehow my fault. Anyway, it's all water under the bridge now but it made me especially grateful for Chapter Five: Brothers and Sisters. This book has the answer to all in-law problems: from BOTH perspectives. Whether you have issues with your mother in law, sister in law, daughter in law, whatever- not only will Fisher have you laughing but she'll help you to walk a mile in their shoes!

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